service to others

Service a Way of Life at Immanuel

Lutheran Schools across the nation and the world have SERVICE as a key value. When asked the question ‘What is the purpose of life?’ we simply say to serve others.

The idea of showing COMPASSION to others emanates from our Christian beliefs and values. It is foundational and in harmony with one of the main Learner Profiles of the International Baccalaureate framework on which we base our curriculum.

We aim for our students to be CARING people and that they show EMPATHY, COMPASSION and RESPECT to the needs and feeling of others. We want them to develop a personal commitment to service, acting to make a positive difference to the environment and the lives of others.

Now we believe that such an attitude is developed in the HOME first, then at SCHOOL in the core class group, the whole school and then the wider COMMUNITY.

Through the curriculum there are considerable opportunities to take action. Our students have opportunities to show acts of service through classroom and whole school activities such as; class monitors, buddy systems, SRC membership, road crossing monitors, choir members entertaining elderly citizens and the like.

The curriculum extends the children’s understanding and view of the world. It’s difficult to take primary children away on service activities, although in recent years the Year 6 students have been directly involved in serving the local community – off site under the guidance of teachers and parents.

Giving students a wider view internationally is also important.

For many years we have worked together with the Australian Lutheran World Service in broadening children’s knowledge about what agencies like ALWS do in countries like Cambodia. We support ALWS because over 90% of funds raised actually get to the projects. Local village councils choose the projects and nothing is supported that isn’t sustainable. So over the years IPS has provided funding for the building of two schools, the restoration of village dams and waterways and the construction of roads.

Currently we support a village called Phnom Pran Pi.

The Local Community

In recent years we have become partners with the Childhood Cancer Association who are a local group supporting families who have children with cancer. CCA is not supported by any Government Funding and relies on groups like ours to raise the necessary $1 million a year it needs to operate.

We are passionate about supporting this group.

For many years IPS has also supported St Paul’s Glenelg Community Care Centre particularly by donating non-perishable food items at an annual collection. The St Paul’s service to the community is acknowledged in the Glenelg region for its support of needy families.

The school is approached on a weekly basis to support all types of charities, all of which are worthwhile.

We believe it is important to focus on the three mentioned above as a practical way of ‘Acting to make a positive difference to the lives of others.’