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Worship at Immanuel

Worship holds a special place of value and importance within our community. As we embrace ‘The Year of Peace’ our spiritual life theme, we have witnessed meaningful and impactful worship messages throughout this year. Our Year 2 students focused on the theme of ‘How do we connect?’ sharing how we connect to God, our family and classmates. The Year 4 students have led messages focusing on the theme of ‘How do we learn from God?’ and shared that we learn through the parables that Jesus told in the Bible. Additionally, our Year 6 student leaders led deeply moving Easter worships filled with passion and heartfelt emotion. 

We are proud of our students’ involvement in worship and their ability to meaningfully share key values connected to our spiritual life theme. We invite our whole Immanuel community to attend worship on Friday mornings, which begin at 8:50am in the Auditorium. As our students continue to learn and grow, we pray that they are blessed with love, hope, joy and peace.

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