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Immanuel Students use their Voice to Campaign, Innovate and Invent

Immanuel Year 6 students have been inquiring into the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. As part of the process, students worked in collaborative teams to make a positive difference towards a goal of their choice. The culmination of this process was the sharing of their learning at an exhibition that was held last week. Congratulations to our students for successfully sharing their passions, expertise and their action with the wider community. You are already making a big difference and we are very proud of you.

The PYP Exhibition is held in every PYP school around the world, during students’ last year in primary school. It is a celebration and an opportunity for students to demonstrate how they have developed and applied their knowledge, conceptual understandings, skills and learner profile attributes to an extended inquiry.

For the whole year, the students have been inquiring how “People use their passion and expertise to make a positive difference.”

Students spent time thinking about what they were passionate about and then selected a Goal to inquire into. Throughout their inquiry they demonstrated many skills including communication, time management, questioning and reflecting. Students took action in a range of ways including, advocating for change, raising money to help organisations, cleaning up the beach, educating younger students and running workshops.

Our Year 6 students were exceptional communicators and quite simply outstanding as they advocated and shared their new understandings and passion for change with students, staff, families and the wider community. Visitors to the exhibits commented on the students’ confidence and knowledge, their passion and commitment for change and their articulate communication skills.

They truly demonstrated their development as internationally minded students who make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Keep using your voice to make a difference.