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Immanuel Primary School Fees

The Immanuel Primary School Council has approved the schedule of fees and charges for the 2022 school year.  The Fees Schedule contains important information regarding specific fees, charges and payment options.

2022 Reception to Year 6 Fees

StudentsSchool FeesCapital LevyICT LevyTotal Payable
1 Student$8,880$450$250$9,580
2 Students$16,872$450$500$17,822
3 Students$23,976$450$750$25,176
4 Students$31,080$450$1000$32,530

2022 Early Learning Centre Fees

Daily Fee                                 $115.00 per day
Casual / Emergency Day       $123.00 per day

If you have questions or require more information, contact our Enrolments Team on 08 8294 8422 or