Immanuel Primary School believes that being proactive about supporting and promoting mental health and wellbeing in our students is vital in today’s world and the world of the future. Life has its ups and downs. Students who are socially and emotionally competent, are better able to navigate through these times with a positive attitude and optimism, therefore feeling happier more often.

All staff at Immanuel work together to support wellbeing in our community. Immanuel employs a full time Wellbeing Coordinator who works closely with staff and students on wellbeing initiatives. With a strong focus on Positive Education our aim is to provide daily opportunities for our students to live each day to the fullest and to flourish.

Research shows that students who flourish in all aspects of their life regularly experience positive emotions, feel engaged in what they are doing, develop and enjoy positive relationships with others, find deeper meaning in their lives and strive to achieve.

Immanuel uses the Kids Matter Framework as a support and guide in its implementation of a range of Social and Emotional and character building learning programs..

Programmes and courses taught are:

Stop Think Do
Friendly Schools
Bounce Back
What’s the Buzz?
Growing with Gratitude
Smiling Mind

At Immanuel we encourage our students to be the best that they can be. A Positive Education approach to life encourages our students to focus on what is going well in all aspects of their life and to be grateful for these many blessings.

Pastoral Care / Counselling

Each teacher acts as pastoral care support for each child. Parents are encouraged to build strong relationships with their child’s teacher.
Supporting teachers and children are

1. A School Counsellor (part time)
2. A Coordinator of Spiritual Life (part time)
3. A School Pastor (part time)

These people together with the Principal form a Pastoral Care/Spiritual Life team whose essential purpose is to lead and manage the development of a positive culture in the school and support children in their journey.