specialist programs

One of the features of the school’s development has been the addition of specialist staff. This strategic direction has been completed with the following in mind.

Specialist teachers run a combination of PYP based sessions (linking both directly and indirectly with classroom Units of Inquiry) and stand alone specialist lessons in order to meet the breadth and depth required of their curriculum area.


Japanese is taught to all students from Reception to Year 6. Cultural aspects as well as written, oral and visual language are all a part of the Japanese curriculum.

Performing Arts

Specialist Performing Arts teachers conduct classes each week to all students Reception-Year 6.

Visual Arts

Students access specialist Visual Arts lessons for one semester per year while continuing their Visual Arts journeys within the classroom program for both semesters.

Physical Education

All students participate in an extensive PE program which is supported by superb grounds and facilities. Students receive two 45 minute sessions per week with a PE Specialist teacher.