learning support

Learning Support at Immanuel Primary School has as its primary focus the support of students in their access of the mainstream classroom curriculum. The target areas are Early Intervention (R-2) and Remediation. Learning Support staff work closely with class teachers to deliver programs and to modify teaching and learning strategies for students in such a way that students are able to experience success in the classroom.

Immanuel Primary School is fortunate to be working within the International Baccalaureate Primary Years program and as such is well able to cater for academically able students within the classroom setting. Students at our school access support after a thorough process of assessment.

Many pathways also exist for those with gifts and talents in the areas of music, sport, drama, art, and so on. Support is constantly monitored and whilst some children may require ongoing support others may access short term programs. Support is considered in the context of changing student needs within the whole school framework

All students accessing support are monitored by the Learning Support Coordinator.