mission statement

It is the mission of Immanuel Primary School:

To be a supportive community where well-being is nurtured, innovative teaching empowers learners to take responsible action and the message of Jesus Christ is communicated and celebrated.

Immanuel Primary School will strive to:

be Learning Centred

creating an environment where students have a passion to explore, discover and analyse their individual interests and their world as part of an exciting life journey and to take positive action as part of their learning.

be Spirit Sensitive

discerning the personal spirituality of students and listening to their inner search for meaning, open to the work of the Holy Spirit.

be Planet Conscious

living on Earth as our fragile home, aware of a global consciousness and inter-connectedness.

have a Conscience

active in the school community and alive to the social needs and injustices of our local and global communities.

have a Heart

caring for the well-being of the students including their social, psychological and emotional challenges.

have a Heritage

identifying and celebrating our local Australian origins, Lutheran heritage and our international connections with passion and pride.

Our Goals

Immanuel Primary School aims to provide: