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Student Leadership

Becoming a student leader is a role that our students look forward to when they reach Year 6 especially as they have been learning and practising these leadership skills throughout their years at Immanuel- in their classrooms, on the sports fields, in the playgrounds and in their homes.

It is during Year 6 that our students are given special opportunities to further develop these skills through their involvement as buddies to Reception students, helping at Games club, Library and Art room, as assistants in the Canteen, leading in worship, singing and assemblies, as sound and computer technicians, as Road Crossing monitors, House Captains and Student Representative Committee members.

After the Year 6 Leadership Day held in Week 2 students were invited to nominate for leadership positions on the Student Representative Committee, as leaders of their House teams or other school based leadership roles. Students wrote letters to various staff members applying for these roles. Speeches were prepared and delivered to their peers and voting took place for SRC and House Captains. These positions were ratified by staff. Staff responded to students who had applied for other roles.

Members of the SRC meet fortnightly with Mrs Whitbread to be a voice for the student body as they share ideas and opinions on matters which affect them and the school community. Issues raised by students through their class meetings are forwarded to the SRC for discussion and consideration.

Term I is a busy term for House Captains as they assist  Mr Fouyaxis and the PE Department in leading their teams during our major sports events of Swim Carnival – last Friday – and Sports Day in Week 8. Although there are some specific leadership roles, we acknowledge  that all of the Year 6 students are leaders within our school and look forward to their contributions to school life at Immanuel.

As a school community we congratulate and encourage our 2017 Student Leaders.

Margie Whitbread

Assistant Principal

 ‘Leadership is not just about what you do but what you can inspire, encourage and empower others to do.’ 

Jon Gordon

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