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Helping create a better and more Peaceful World

As a school of the IB world we aim to develop inspiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

How blessed we were to have a guest speaker from Australian Lutheran World Service give the students such a clear picture of the service we are all involved with through our close partnership with their worthy work in Cambodia. Not only did Mrs Julie Krause’s presentation clearly show how our dollars are helping to create a much better living place for the villagers in Phnum Pran Pi but helped our staff and children in their understandings about being in a different culture.

When IPS chose the IB’s Primary Years framework as a foundation for its education program, we made sure that the IB’s values aligned with our Lutheran values. Indeed there is an outstanding alignment.

We support ALWS (and have done so for many years) because that agency has chosen to work in partnership with exceptionally deprived people in some of the most economically challenging places in the world. Children (indeed families of IPS) over the past 15 years or more have come to see how our partnership with ALWS has made a significant difference to villages in Cambodia. Indeed our partnership has meant the building of 2 schools, providing two larger dams to give water all year round and we have created better pathways for ease of movement from one area to another. ALWS works carefully with the local community in terms of partnership, listening, supporting, training and encouragement.

The Village Councils actually choose the projects and complete them using the community’s physical resources. Our financial input certainly provides for machinery and materials.The stories we hear about the progress in terms of these development projects are quite amazing. Our partnership impact continues to grow. Your children I’m sure can tell you more. Thank you for your ongoing interest in the partnership we have with ALWS.

This year’s development project will require $7,000 for the completion of a spillway to be constructed across a stream – obviously collecting water for future use during the year.

Friday’s Casual Clothes Day raised $1,500 towards this target. Thank you for thinking and caring about others.The work in Phunum Pran Pi has commenced – and will create a better place of living for our friends in Cambodia.

Robert Hoff – Principal

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