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Foundational Values

When parents choose Immanuel as a nurturing environment for their young children they do so because their own values align with the schools.

Immanuel’s values have their foundation in the basic beliefs of the Lutheran Church. Many of them indeed come straight out of the mouth of Jesus and are recorded clearly in the New Testament part of the Bible. When Immanuel Primary chose the IB Primary Years Curriculum famework as a foundation for the educational program, we made sure that the IB values aligned with our Lutheran values. Indeed there is an outstanding alignment.

During the next few weeks it is planned to share some of the core values with you. We want to affirm them, because it is quite easy in the pace of school life to assume that we know what they are. They need to be communicated appropriately. So I hope you will not only read them but reflect on them and then think about what you do in your family to teach and model them. We are definitely in a partnership with you in passing on these values. Indeed, you are the senior partner when it comes to this foundational work.

Bless you in considering how you commit to passing on these values to your children.


Understanding how other people think and feel.

Probably one of the key values for life. Actually teaching children to think before they pass comment. This clearly relates to their growth – in maturity because I sometimes hear very young children blurt out what they are thinking without having the social maturity to know how that might affect others around them. Teaching and modeling this value takes time and thought.


This is being thankful for the world and its people.

This value is somewhat easier to teach because it can have a more practical approach. Counting our daily blessings of shelter, food and health is a good start. Pointing out God’s creation to them at a sunset or in the bush – teaching appreciation. And no doubt you can ask them to actually name people they are thankful for and why.

There is nothing like family discussions around these values to get the message across – and of course them hearing you give genuine thanks and appreciation for the many great things in your life.

Robert Hoff – Principal

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