enrolment policy and procedures

Immanuel Primary School Inc is owned and operated by the Lutheran Church of Australia (South Australian District) and offers a quality programme of Christian Education open to all students regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, religion, ability or disability provided that:

1. Parents seeking enrolment for their child undertake to freely support the stated mission and purpose of the school; and

2. Adequate space and resources are available to meet the needs of the student.

When applying parents are required to disclose any information relevant to determining the provision of the curriculum and the schools ability to meet the needs of the child.

Priority of Enrolment

The current enrolment priorities as determined by the School Council are:

Applications within each of these priority areas will be address in order of receipt.

Entry Age

It is State Government policy that a child seeking entry into Reception shall turn 5 before the 1st May in that year.
Immanuel holds the proposition that for most children it is important for the child to be ready for the challenges of Reception and usually it is better for the child to be older than younger.

There are five dimensions of children’s readiness for school:

All of the above are taken into consideration before accepting a child for enrolment at Immanuel Primary School. Students beginning the Reception year will preferably have accessed 12 months at the Immanuel Primary Early Learning Centre or a similar kindergarten program.

Early Learning Centre

This has been created as an educational centre for young children. While RECEPTION remains the main point of entry to the school, many parents decide after acceptance to Reception to then enrol at the Early Learning Centre.
Parents of younger children have found that a year in the ELC prepares their child to be more confident in starting the challenges of the Reception year.

Enrolment Process

Procedures after Enrolment Acceptance

Enrolments of Students in Year 1-6

Offers are made as vacancies occur, usually according to the priority criteria as listed above. As a general guideline class sizes are kept to 27 in Reception to Year 2 and 28 in Years 3-6. There are circumstances where these guidelines are exceeded.

All year levels have waiting lists. When a vacancy occurs families on the list are contacted to determine their current situation. Current information is gathered, interviews would occur and offers made according to the policies above.

Enrolment Procedures of Children with Special Needs

Immanuel Primary School attempts to cater for the needs of a wide range of students. We are blessed with children who constantly seek to fulfil their potential by following individual pathways.

Before going through the enrolment process it is essential that parents of students with special needs explore all of the educational options available to them. Visiting a variety of schools is recommended.

Before enrolling at Immanuel Primary School it is recommended that an appointment is made with the Learning Support Coordinator and Principal to research as to whether the school is able to meet any specific needs of the child. Parents are then better able to make an informed decision about the selection of a school. After such investigations by parents then an application for enrolment can proceed.

It is important that parents provide copies of relevant reports regarding social, educational, emotional and physical wellbeing. Failure to do so may result in the schools inability to provide the necessary human resources that may be required. Open and honest discussions are the basis for sound decision making in this important area.

Termination of Enrolment by Immanuel Primary School

Enrolment may be terminated by the school because of:-

Termination of Enrolment by Parents

One terms notice shall be given by the parents in removing a child from the school. A terms fees will be charged in lieu of appropriate notification. A full term is defined as from the first day of the school term to the last day of the school term.