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Developing Strong Relationships with Students from Kami City, Japan

What a wonderful time our 10 visiting students and 3 staff from Kami City had who were here for a 6 day study tour.

Our very special thanks to the five families who volunteered to be our Host families during their stay. How blessed these students were to have loving, caring families who looked after them like their own.

After a very long journey they arrived Wednesday afternoon of last week. Host families met their visitors at a welcome barbecue that evening before they headed to their new home for a much needed sleep. Thursday was spent in the classrooms and Friday after worship they headed to the city for some souvenir shopping. The weekend was spent with their host families where a number visited Cleland Wildlife Park for that obligatory ‘cuddle a koala’ time. No sooner had they arrived and it was time to leave. Farewells were made late Monday afternoon before they headed back to the airport.

This is what the Japanese students enjoyed ~

  • communicating and playing with our students
  • experiencing kindness from everyone
  • getting motivation to study English
  • cultural exchange
  • hospitality from our school community
  • going to lots of different places everyday
  • kindness and hospitality from our Host Families

Immanuel students enjoyed ~

  • communicating with Japanese students using Japanese and English
  • using non-verbal communication ie smile, gesture
  • observing their nature and mannerisms i.e. politeness
  • reading books together using Google Translate
  • watching Japanese students reactions to different foods, sport, traffic lights
  • getting to know them
  • finding out similarities and difference, likes and dislikes
  • experiencing Japanese culture i.e. food, origami

Our students were delighted to meet and communicate with ‘real’ Japanese children in our school.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership in 2018.

Shoko McInerney     Japanese Teacher
Margie Whitbread    Assistant Principal