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Courageous, Confident, Collaborative and pretty Cool!

These are some words that describe this year’s Year 6 musical ‘The Amazing Adventures of SuperStan’. What a wonderful week it was last week when the Year 6 students presented their musical to the school community. As one Year 5 student remarked, ‘This was the best musical they had watched.’

After 8 weeks of rehearsing lines, practicing the choreographed dance routines and learning to sing and move at the same time the students were ready to hit the stage. Under the direction of Mr Peter Habib, Performing Arts Coordinator, and the tremendous teamwork and support of Year 6 class teachers, Alison Strauss, Kristy Williams and Nathan Berry the students were

  • courageous in being risk takers as they chose to sing a solo (there were 25 vocal solos),
  • confident in communicating their lines and acting as their particular character (every student had at least 2 speaking roles),
  • collaborative as a team as they supported each other during their performances (this was especially evident during the many costume changes backstage)
  • and as they demonstrated their enjoyment while they performed this Cool musical.

‘The 3 performances were very successful because everyone had practiced well. I really enjoyed performing.’ Sienna

‘We engaged our audience by performing and expressing our ideas through our body language, facial expressions, expression, enthusiasm, physical movements and appropriate eye contact.’ Jessica 

‘We used a lot of props, lights, sound effects to make the show come to life. There was a lot of cool stuff happening throughout the musical.’ Alex 

How blessed these 84 Year 6 students were as they had the opportunity to learn new skills and demonstrate unearthed talents.

Productions such as these also require an enormous amount of assistance from others, so we thank all backstage staff, costume designers and creators, prop creators, set builders and sound and lighting specialists.

We hope you enjoyed the Show!

Margie Whitbread – Assistant Principal

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