Rapid Wins Senior Primary Swim Carnival

A glorious morning greeted our Year 4 – 6 students as they entered Unley Swim Centre for our Immanuel Swim Carnival this year. The water looked enticing and the colours of red, yellow, blue, and green filled the grounds as well as enthusiastic cheers and uproarious war-cries.

The novelty races were a chance for our teams to build some House camaraderie in a more relaxed and competitively fun environment. The boat races were a highlight, not just for the competitors, but the spectators as well, with boats capsizing, going sideways, backwards, and sometimes nowhere at all. Regardless, it was a joy to see everyone compete in these races with glowing smiles on their faces, win, lose or fall!

However, amongst all the fun and laughter, the number crunchers were fervently tallying the points to see who would take home the coveted Swim Carnival Trophy.  Despite Pirie’s charge from fourth, Rapid’s domination of the placings in finals and their exceptional effort in the relays the Red Army fired again for an unprecedented 4 wins in a row and sending the team into raptures….again!

Finally, to our magnificent Year 4 -6 students. The enthusiasm and joy you displayed, coupled with your positive attitude and willingness to be risk-takers to give events a go, and the way you never gave up despite how far behind you may have been, is a testament to the characteristics of the Primary Years Program. Well done on being involved in a fabulous Swim Carnival for another year!

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Maggie’s Magic

It was wonderful to see a large group of parents and staff at the seminar, ‘The Importance of Silence, Calmness and Stillness in Children’s Lives’ led by parenting educator Maggie Dent on Wednesday 28th February. All who attended found the evening enjoyable, informative and thought provoking. With so many tips and strategies to take away, everyone was so very thankful to spend an evening with Maggie Dent. Many thanks to Immanuel’s Parents and Friends Committee for hosting Maggie Dent and providing parents with the opportunity to hear from a well researched and dynamic speaker.

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Year 1/2 Playspace is open for business

After many months of patient waiting, the Year 1 and 2 students were excited to be part of the official opening of their play space on Wednesday 14th February. A lot of time and planning was put into this play space, with an emphasis on nature and natural materials. It is a diverse space which allows for lots of creativity and fun. We know our students will have many years of enjoyment in their new play space and we especially thank the P & F Committee for their fundraising efforts to help fund this project. Thank you to Joe Snobl (President of the P & F Committee), who officially opened the play space today.
Guests in attendance were: Joe Snobl – President of the P & F Committee, Anita White – Past Committee Member, Wax Designs – Amanda Balmer and Elton Landscapes – Martin Elton.

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Student Leadership

Becoming a student leader is a role that our students look forward to when they reach Year 6 especially as they have been learning and practising these leadership skills throughout their years at Immanuel- in their classrooms, on the sports fields, in the playgrounds and in their homes.

After the Year 6 Leadership Day held in Week 2 students were invited to nominate for many leadership roles within the school. Students wrote letters applying for these roles.

Members of the Student Leadership Team meet fortnightly with Mrs Whitbread to be a voice for the student body as they share ideas and opinions on matters which affect them and the school community. We acknowledge that all our Year 6 students are leaders within our school and look forward to their contributions to school life at Immanuel.

As a school community we congratulate and encourage our 2018 student leaders.

‘Leadership is not just about what you do but
what you can inspire, encourage and
empower others to do.’ Jon Gordon

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Special Visitors at Immanuel

On Monday 5th March, we were very excited to be visited by the Camp Quality Puppets, Kylie, Dean and Melissa. The Camp Quality Puppets raised awareness about cancer through a puppet performance. They dispelled common myths and taught the students how to be supportive and understanding of kids impacted by cancer.

We were also visited by Elliot the Dog from the Childhood Cancer Association. Elliot, along with Ben Mead on behalf of the Childhood Cancer Association, accepted a cheque for $11,502.30 which was raised through our Small Change Tins and Pyjama Day in 2017.

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Celebrating the Beginning of the 2018 School Year

Over 400 Parents, Friends and Staff of the school gathered for a night celebrating the school’s sense of belonging and sense of service as a reminder of one of the school’s key values.
The school’s Principal, Robert Hoff, and his wife Sandra were recognised for their many years of commendable service to the school through the sharing of a special video.
Mr Hoff responded noting how blessed he has been with a supportive leadership staff and the trust of School Council Chairs and members.

Guests at the evening included

Board Member from the Childhood Cancer Association, Stuart Brown, who commended the IPS community on its outstanding support of the CCA,
Troy Klemm (parent of the school) and sponsor of this event who talked about his great journey through the school not only for himself and his brother but now his sons,
Joe Snobl (P&F President) who reminded us of the excellent effort in raising over $50,000 last year.  All of these funds were used for the development of the new Year 1 & 2 Playspace.  Joe also introduced the P & F Committee for 2018 and gave highlights of the 2018 program.

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Serving those in need in the Glenelg Area

During October and November, students collected toiletries and food items to support those in need in our community and we thank our Year 6 leaders for coordinating this. Members from St Paul Church Glenelg came to collect the items, so they can be distributed to those in need before Christmas. On behalf of St Paul Glenelg, we would like to thank all of our Immanuel families for your generosity. Your kindness and servant hearts will bless many families in our local community who are in need.

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Music Making at its Best

The very first Orchestral and Instrumental Evening was held on Monday November 20 at 7.30 pm in the Auditorium. Showcasing their talents were Soh Sharp Orchestra, Junior Band, Yr 6 Cello Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Senior Strings and Woodwind, Fah Out Jazz Band, and Soloists. The warm appreciative audience were able to see the coming together of all the hours of practise that goes into learning an instrument and rehearsing together.

Many parents and friends were impressed by the dedication, and musicality that was demonstrated in all ensembles.  All soloists entertained and demonstrated their commitment to practise and their development of skills as musicians.

Whilst I was backstage and front of stage, it was wonderful to see so many students displaying the attitudes of respect, creativity, co-operation, confidence, commitment and appreciation.

It is wonderful to be part of Performing Arts at Immanuel Primary School and to work with so many happy, excited students, sharing their learning with each other and their audience. It is a great joy to witness and be part of music making here at Immanuel!

Mrs Cathy Travaglione – Performing Arts Teacher

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Visit from Elliot the dog from the Childhood Cancer Association

We were excited to welcome Elliot the Dog and Kate from the Childhood Cancer Association (CCA) to our Assembly. They were so thrilled to hear about our fundraising efforts for CCA, that Elliot the Dog gave Mr Hoff a big hug. A huge thank you to every Immanuel family for contributing to this charity by putting small change in the CCA tins in your homes this year. We can’t wait to hear how much we raised for CCA! An amazing organisation who supports families with children fighting cancer.
Special thanks and acknowledgement to Maritime Constructions Pty Ltd whose employees donated $183.55 to support work of CCA.

Jodie Fraser – Wellbeing Coordinator

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Developing Strong Relationships with Students from Kami City, Japan

What a wonderful time our 10 visiting students and 3 staff from Kami City had who were here for a 6 day study tour.

Our very special thanks to the five families who volunteered to be our Host families during their stay. How blessed these students were to have loving, caring families who looked after them like their own.

After a very long journey they arrived Wednesday afternoon of last week. Host families met their visitors at a welcome barbecue that evening before they headed to their new home for a much needed sleep. Thursday was spent in the classrooms and Friday after worship they headed to the city for some souvenir shopping. The weekend was spent with their host families where a number visited Cleland Wildlife Park for that obligatory ‘cuddle a koala’ time. No sooner had they arrived and it was time to leave. Farewells were made late Monday afternoon before they headed back to the airport.

This is what the Japanese students enjoyed ~

  • communicating and playing with our students
  • experiencing kindness from everyone
  • getting motivation to study English
  • cultural exchange
  • hospitality from our school community
  • going to lots of different places everyday
  • kindness and hospitality from our Host Families

Immanuel students enjoyed ~

  • communicating with Japanese students using Japanese and English
  • using non-verbal communication ie smile, gesture
  • observing their nature and mannerisms i.e. politeness
  • reading books together using Google Translate
  • watching Japanese students reactions to different foods, sport, traffic lights
  • getting to know them
  • finding out similarities and difference, likes and dislikes
  • experiencing Japanese culture i.e. food, origami

Our students were delighted to meet and communicate with ‘real’ Japanese children in our school.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership in 2018.

Shoko McInerney     Japanese Teacher
Margie Whitbread    Assistant Principal

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