Barefoot to Boots

For the past year Immanuel students have been collecting old soccer and footy boots for the Barefoot to Boots Foundation. This is a foundation that assists refugees in Kakuma Refugee Camp by providing boys, girls and young adults with boots to use in their organised matches, rather than their bare feet. The matches provide these people with an opportunity to experience being part of a team, gives them something positive to look forward to, and improves their wellbeing. We are proud, as an Immanuel community, to be able to provide a huge amount of boots for Kakuma Refugee Camp. We thank all those who have donated their boots, and a special thank you to one of our Year 4 students for the passion she has, and the initiative she showed, in raising awareness for the Barefoot to Boots Foundation throughout the school.

Michael Fouyaxis – Sports Coordinator

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‘Let’s take the next steps’

National Reconciliation Week is about Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians talking, walking and working together to overcome the reasons why there is division and inequality between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Reconciliation means restoring a relationship and bringing people back together. It involves acknowledging fault and taking responsibility for wrong actions and saying sorry for these things.

50 years ago something really important happened for Aboriginal people. Nearly all Australians voted to include Aboriginal people as citizens and part of the population of Australia, bringing us together as one.

Since then, the path towards reconciliation has seen both progress and setbacks. The Reconciliation Movement continues today with progress on both a national and state level.

The basis of reconciliation is understanding and sharing stories, listening to one another and working together for mutual respect, goodwill and equity.

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