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Year 1/2 playspace has commenced

The renovations to the Year 1/2 play space have commenced and it is already looking fabulous.  The play space is taking on more of a natural feel with lots of opportunities for the children to be creative in their play.  The space outside the classrooms is almost complete and features three different zones for the children to explore at play time.  As the classrooms have large sliding doors out to the playground, this play space can also be used as an extension of the classroom during learning times.
Thank you to the P & F Committee for your outstanding fund raising efforts towards this play space.
Only a few more weeks to wait!  Here is a sneak peak at the progress so far.


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Grandparents and Special Friends Day 2017

Grandparents and Special Friends Day was a beautiful day where grandparents and special friends were blessed by beautiful Spring weather. The sun was shining and so were the smiles.  Grandparents and Special Friends Day is our favourite event because it is all about bringing people together who support and love and care for each other.

Our visitors began the day with a special welcome and concert held in the Immanuel College Chapel. The Orchestra and Choirs entertained the large crowd and showcased their talents. Thank you to Peter Habib and Cathy Travaglione for preparing the students.

Students were particularly excited to have their visitors in their classrooms and introduce them to their teacher. Year 6 students proudly showed their visitors around their school and classroom before enjoying Morning and Afternoon Tea with them. A wonderful privilege that they have been looking forward to for many years.

Thank you to our visitors who purchased a ticket for the Classroom Art Raffle and the Treats for Adults Raffle. Your generous contributions has enabled the school to forward $3451.50 to Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) who will use this money to support families in developing countries. We hope you enjoy the new art work for your home. Thank you to Sharon Lynch for facilitating the creation of these masterpieces.

A very, very big thank you to our P & F Convenors, Naomi Jenkin, Anita White, Natalie Daou and Natalie Anderson and the many, many parent helpers who helped set up Thursday afternoon and also served Friday morning and afternoon. Your commitment to our school community is a blessing to us all. There were so many visitors who commented on how welcome they were made to feel and how lovely it was to end the day with a scone (provided through Baker’s Delight) and a cuppa.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day is always a highlight and a most memorable day for all involved. Our students are truly blessed by your presence in their lives.


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Reception Parents join for a Celebration

A Friday night in June, our Reception parents gathered together for a special dinner at the Glenelg Golf Club. During the evening Sarah Nash spoke about how the Primary Years Program helps to equip our children with the skills to be successful in the future.  Jodie Fraser shared a little about Wellbeing and how we strive to enable our children to flourish in all aspects of their lives. Finally, Robert Hoff concluded the evening by challenging the parents to consider how they will contribute to the life of the school and what legacy will they leave as they journey through Immanuel Primary.

The evening really was a great opportunity for the parents to connect and also learn a little more about the exciting learning journey their children have ahead of them.

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Courageous, Confident, Collaborative and pretty Cool!

These are some words that describe this year’s Year 6 musical ‘The Amazing Adventures of SuperStan’. What a wonderful week it was last week when the Year 6 students presented their musical to the school community. As one Year 5 student remarked, ‘This was the best musical they had watched.’

After 8 weeks of rehearsing lines, practicing the choreographed dance routines and learning to sing and move at the same time the students were ready to hit the stage. Under the direction of Mr Peter Habib, Performing Arts Coordinator, and the tremendous teamwork and support of Year 6 class teachers, Alison Strauss, Kristy Williams and Nathan Berry the students were

  • courageous in being risk takers as they chose to sing a solo (there were 25 vocal solos),
  • confident in communicating their lines and acting as their particular character (every student had at least 2 speaking roles),
  • collaborative as a team as they supported each other during their performances (this was especially evident during the many costume changes backstage)
  • and as they demonstrated their enjoyment while they performed this Cool musical.

‘The 3 performances were very successful because everyone had practiced well. I really enjoyed performing.’ Sienna

‘We engaged our audience by performing and expressing our ideas through our body language, facial expressions, expression, enthusiasm, physical movements and appropriate eye contact.’ Jessica 

‘We used a lot of props, lights, sound effects to make the show come to life. There was a lot of cool stuff happening throughout the musical.’ Alex 

How blessed these 84 Year 6 students were as they had the opportunity to learn new skills and demonstrate unearthed talents.

Productions such as these also require an enormous amount of assistance from others, so we thank all backstage staff, costume designers and creators, prop creators, set builders and sound and lighting specialists.

We hope you enjoyed the Show!

Margie Whitbread – Assistant Principal

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‘Let’s take the next steps’

National Reconciliation Week is about Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians talking, walking and working together to overcome the reasons why there is division and inequality between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Reconciliation means restoring a relationship and bringing people back together. It involves acknowledging fault and taking responsibility for wrong actions and saying sorry for these things.

50 years ago something really important happened for Aboriginal people. Nearly all Australians voted to include Aboriginal people as citizens and part of the population of Australia, bringing us together as one.

Since then, the path towards reconciliation has seen both progress and setbacks. The Reconciliation Movement continues today with progress on both a national and state level.

The basis of reconciliation is understanding and sharing stories, listening to one another and working together for mutual respect, goodwill and equity.

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Learning about History and Democracy in Canberra

Alarms were set and bags were packed in anticipation of an early start for our Year 6 students, teachers and parents. Monday, May 22nd was the date for our long anticipated venture across borders to our nation’s capital.

Adelaide airport at 5.15am was a hive of activity. There were navy blue sweaters as far as the eye could see, as parents dropped students off into the care of Immanuel teachers and parent helpers. Our preparation was complete and thanks to our ever supportive parents, by 5.30am, all students coming on the trip were accounted for.

The flights in both directions gave the students an opportunity to debrief and journal their thoughts and feelings. They were well behaved and polite which was extremely pleasing, in fact Mr Steve Rudolph (Lutheran Education Australia Executive Director) was on our flight over to Canberra and he was most impressed with how the students represented themselves and the school.

To say that the trip was busy would be an understatement. Our days began at 6am with a wake up and concluded with the students lights out at around 9pm. The days were full of learning opportunities, well planned and skilfully executed.

One of the many highlights of the trip was our visit to the War Memorial. The students were introduced to many of the conflicts that Australians have served in. The memorial is a world class facility and engaged the students from the moment we entered, until we departed many hours later. We concluded our afternoon with a Last Post Ceremony watched on by tourists and serving members of the defence force. It was a special time that will be a lasting memory for the Year 6 students.

Another highlight was spending time in Parliament House. We were visited by sitting members and previous sitting members of the House. We saw portraits and heard stories about Prime Ministers of days gone by, and we walked through the hallways catching glimpses of politicians faces as they moved around the building going about their work.

Science came alive for the students at both Questacon and the GeoScience Education Centre. Democracy was championed at the Museum of Australian Democracy and the Australian Electoral Education Centre. We took in the sights from Mt Ainslie and understood the vision of Walter Burley Griffin thanks to the National Capital Exhibition. Lake Burley Griffin was cruised and the AIS was explored, and so the list goes…..

My hope is that the students realise how fortunate they are; to live in a country that values freedom and democracy, to go to a school that values rich educational experiences and finally, to have parents who are willing to make the financial sacrifices to provide their children these memories for a lifetime.

Nathan Berry – Year 6 Teacher

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Foundational Values

When parents choose Immanuel as a nurturing environment for their young children they do so because their own values align with the schools.

Immanuel’s values have their foundation in the basic beliefs of the Lutheran Church. Many of them indeed come straight out of the mouth of Jesus and are recorded clearly in the New Testament part of the Bible. When Immanuel Primary chose the IB Primary Years Curriculum famework as a foundation for the educational program, we made sure that the IB values aligned with our Lutheran values. Indeed there is an outstanding alignment.

During the next few weeks it is planned to share some of the core values with you. We want to affirm them, because it is quite easy in the pace of school life to assume that we know what they are. They need to be communicated appropriately. So I hope you will not only read them but reflect on them and then think about what you do in your family to teach and model them. We are definitely in a partnership with you in passing on these values. Indeed, you are the senior partner when it comes to this foundational work.

Bless you in considering how you commit to passing on these values to your children.


Understanding how other people think and feel.

Probably one of the key values for life. Actually teaching children to think before they pass comment. This clearly relates to their growth – in maturity because I sometimes hear very young children blurt out what they are thinking without having the social maturity to know how that might affect others around them. Teaching and modeling this value takes time and thought.


This is being thankful for the world and its people.

This value is somewhat easier to teach because it can have a more practical approach. Counting our daily blessings of shelter, food and health is a good start. Pointing out God’s creation to them at a sunset or in the bush – teaching appreciation. And no doubt you can ask them to actually name people they are thankful for and why.

There is nothing like family discussions around these values to get the message across – and of course them hearing you give genuine thanks and appreciation for the many great things in your life.

Robert Hoff – Principal

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Helping create a better and more Peaceful World

As a school of the IB world we aim to develop inspiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

How blessed we were to have a guest speaker from Australian Lutheran World Service give the students such a clear picture of the service we are all involved with through our close partnership with their worthy work in Cambodia. Not only did Mrs Julie Krause’s presentation clearly show how our dollars are helping to create a much better living place for the villagers in Phnum Pran Pi but helped our staff and children in their understandings about being in a different culture.

When IPS chose the IB’s Primary Years framework as a foundation for its education program, we made sure that the IB’s values aligned with our Lutheran values. Indeed there is an outstanding alignment.

We support ALWS (and have done so for many years) because that agency has chosen to work in partnership with exceptionally deprived people in some of the most economically challenging places in the world. Children (indeed families of IPS) over the past 15 years or more have come to see how our partnership with ALWS has made a significant difference to villages in Cambodia. Indeed our partnership has meant the building of 2 schools, providing two larger dams to give water all year round and we have created better pathways for ease of movement from one area to another. ALWS works carefully with the local community in terms of partnership, listening, supporting, training and encouragement.

The Village Councils actually choose the projects and complete them using the community’s physical resources. Our financial input certainly provides for machinery and materials.The stories we hear about the progress in terms of these development projects are quite amazing. Our partnership impact continues to grow. Your children I’m sure can tell you more. Thank you for your ongoing interest in the partnership we have with ALWS.

This year’s development project will require $7,000 for the completion of a spillway to be constructed across a stream – obviously collecting water for future use during the year.

Friday’s Casual Clothes Day raised $1,500 towards this target. Thank you for thinking and caring about others.The work in Phunum Pran Pi has commenced – and will create a better place of living for our friends in Cambodia.

Robert Hoff – Principal

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Student Leadership

Becoming a student leader is a role that our students look forward to when they reach Year 6 especially as they have been learning and practising these leadership skills throughout their years at Immanuel- in their classrooms, on the sports fields, in the playgrounds and in their homes.

It is during Year 6 that our students are given special opportunities to further develop these skills through their involvement as buddies to Reception students, helping at Games club, Library and Art room, as assistants in the Canteen, leading in worship, singing and assemblies, as sound and computer technicians, as Road Crossing monitors, House Captains and Student Representative Committee members.

After the Year 6 Leadership Day held in Week 2 students were invited to nominate for leadership positions on the Student Representative Committee, as leaders of their House teams or other school based leadership roles. Students wrote letters to various staff members applying for these roles. Speeches were prepared and delivered to their peers and voting took place for SRC and House Captains. These positions were ratified by staff. Staff responded to students who had applied for other roles.

Members of the SRC meet fortnightly with Mrs Whitbread to be a voice for the student body as they share ideas and opinions on matters which affect them and the school community. Issues raised by students through their class meetings are forwarded to the SRC for discussion and consideration.

Term I is a busy term for House Captains as they assist  Mr Fouyaxis and the PE Department in leading their teams during our major sports events of Swim Carnival – last Friday – and Sports Day in Week 8. Although there are some specific leadership roles, we acknowledge  that all of the Year 6 students are leaders within our school and look forward to their contributions to school life at Immanuel.

As a school community we congratulate and encourage our 2017 Student Leaders.

Margie Whitbread

Assistant Principal

 ‘Leadership is not just about what you do but what you can inspire, encourage and empower others to do.’ 

Jon Gordon

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