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Farewell to Year 6 Students

On Monday the 11th of December we farewelled 84 Year 6 students at a most meaningful celebration.

It was a great pleasure for me to have been a part of their journey many of them since 2011. I have watched with considerable pleasure their engaged learning using the outstanding framework of the IB’s Primary Years Program. You only have to have attended the IPS Exhibition in early November to get a glimpse of the rich deep and meaningful learning .

Their teachers also wrote how many of them show care through empathy and compassionate actions especially with the buddies in Reception.

It is respect towards the needs and feeling of others that is so important – acting to make a positive difference to the lives of others starting in your own homes, then your school mates and the wider community.

Reading through their reflections it was very clear to me that this group of Year 6’s clearly understand why they are here on earth – to serve others. They understand the meaning and purpose of life.

So on behalf of the school community I want to thank each of them for their contribution to life at IPS.  So many brought positive attitudes to school with a bright and happy smile each day.

Their enthusiasm, pride in the school, participation in so many service activities, care of buddies and their committment to making the world a better place is admired.

I am abundantly aware of the considerable nurturing these children have received along the way from passionate and motivated staff, who work in partnership with parents, having prepared them for the next step in life. Thank you for keeping the spirit of Immanuel so bright and strong.

God has great plans for you and your life.  You can go forward next year into Year 7 with great confidence.  You have the foundations for life and the promise and assurance from God when he says ‘I am with you.  Do not be afraid.  I have plans for you to give you a future and hope’.

Robert Hoff
(A very pleased and proud Principal of the 2017 Year 6 students)

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Christmas Blessings

On the last day of the term we were delighted in having our Year 1 students lead the final worship for the year with the most memorable and joyful telling of the birth of Jesus.  For years now we have left the school year behind having listened to their joyful young voices singing Christmas carols so beautifully. This worship is on my annual bucket list of joyous Christmas events. Long may it remain. It is my fervant prayer that every family at IPS is able to slow down for a day or three over Christmas to reflect on a year of blessings and enjoy some significant family time together.

Robert Hoff – Principal

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Serving those in need in the Glenelg Area

During October and November, students collected toiletries and food items to support those in need in our community and we thank our Year 6 leaders for coordinating this. Members from St Paul Church Glenelg came to collect the items, so they can be distributed to those in need before Christmas. On behalf of St Paul Glenelg, we would like to thank all of our Immanuel families for your generosity. Your kindness and servant hearts will bless many families in our local community who are in need.

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Music Making at its Best

The very first Orchestral and Instrumental Evening was held on Monday November 20 at 7.30 pm in the Auditorium. Showcasing their talents were Soh Sharp Orchestra, Junior Band, Yr 6 Cello Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Senior Strings and Woodwind, Fah Out Jazz Band, and Soloists. The warm appreciative audience were able to see the coming together of all the hours of practise that goes into learning an instrument and rehearsing together.

Many parents and friends were impressed by the dedication, and musicality that was demonstrated in all ensembles.  All soloists entertained and demonstrated their commitment to practise and their development of skills as musicians.

Whilst I was backstage and front of stage, it was wonderful to see so many students displaying the attitudes of respect, creativity, co-operation, confidence, commitment and appreciation.

It is wonderful to be part of Performing Arts at Immanuel Primary School and to work with so many happy, excited students, sharing their learning with each other and their audience. It is a great joy to witness and be part of music making here at Immanuel!

Mrs Cathy Travaglione – Performing Arts Teacher

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Visit from Elliot the dog from the Childhood Cancer Association

We were excited to welcome Elliot the Dog and Kate from the Childhood Cancer Association (CCA) to our Assembly. They were so thrilled to hear about our fundraising efforts for CCA, that Elliot the Dog gave Mr Hoff a big hug. A huge thank you to every Immanuel family for contributing to this charity by putting small change in the CCA tins in your homes this year. We can’t wait to hear how much we raised for CCA! An amazing organisation who supports families with children fighting cancer.
Special thanks and acknowledgement to Maritime Constructions Pty Ltd whose employees donated $183.55 to support work of CCA.

Jodie Fraser – Wellbeing Coordinator

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Barefoot to Boots

For the past year Immanuel students have been collecting old soccer and footy boots for the Barefoot to Boots Foundation. This is a foundation that assists refugees in Kakuma Refugee Camp by providing boys, girls and young adults with boots to use in their organised matches, rather than their bare feet. The matches provide these people with an opportunity to experience being part of a team, gives them something positive to look forward to, and improves their wellbeing. We are proud, as an Immanuel community, to be able to provide a huge amount of boots for Kakuma Refugee Camp. We thank all those who have donated their boots, and a special thank you to one of our Year 4 students for the passion she has, and the initiative she showed, in raising awareness for the Barefoot to Boots Foundation throughout the school.

Michael Fouyaxis – Sports Coordinator

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Developing Strong Relationships with Students from Kami City, Japan

What a wonderful time our 10 visiting students and 3 staff from Kami City had who were here for a 6 day study tour.

Our very special thanks to the five families who volunteered to be our Host families during their stay. How blessed these students were to have loving, caring families who looked after them like their own.

After a very long journey they arrived Wednesday afternoon of last week. Host families met their visitors at a welcome barbecue that evening before they headed to their new home for a much needed sleep. Thursday was spent in the classrooms and Friday after worship they headed to the city for some souvenir shopping. The weekend was spent with their host families where a number visited Cleland Wildlife Park for that obligatory ‘cuddle a koala’ time. No sooner had they arrived and it was time to leave. Farewells were made late Monday afternoon before they headed back to the airport.

This is what the Japanese students enjoyed ~

  • communicating and playing with our students
  • experiencing kindness from everyone
  • getting motivation to study English
  • cultural exchange
  • hospitality from our school community
  • going to lots of different places everyday
  • kindness and hospitality from our Host Families

Immanuel students enjoyed ~

  • communicating with Japanese students using Japanese and English
  • using non-verbal communication ie smile, gesture
  • observing their nature and mannerisms i.e. politeness
  • reading books together using Google Translate
  • watching Japanese students reactions to different foods, sport, traffic lights
  • getting to know them
  • finding out similarities and difference, likes and dislikes
  • experiencing Japanese culture i.e. food, origami

Our students were delighted to meet and communicate with ‘real’ Japanese children in our school.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership in 2018.

Shoko McInerney     Japanese Teacher
Margie Whitbread    Assistant Principal

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York wins Year 2/3 Swim Carnival

 Two weeks of swimming lessons culminated in the Junior Primary Swimming Carnival in Term 4. Year 2 and 3 students were able to nominate for individual events, with some choosing to be risk-takers and swimming strokes for the first time, thanks to the confidence they gained from their iSwim instructors.

The competition got off to a fun start with our first novelty race giving most students a chance to ‘test the water’ before the seriousness of individual competition. Rapid had the early lead and were looking to win a remarkable 6th Swimming Carnival in a row, but Pirie were keen to clean sweep the Sports Day trophies after their win on Athletics Day.

It was wonderful watching the faces of our swimmers as they exited the water. Wide smiles, and a sense of joy littered the pool deck while many of our competitors experienced pool-racing for the very first time, and were shocked at how well they performed, or were just simply full of pride that they had found their way to the finishing wall, regardless of where they came!

With only a few races to go the announcement came that there was just 10 points separating ALL 4 Houses. Never had the competition been so close, and this sent the young fans into a frenzy as the freestyle races were hotly contested. But nothing can match the scenes that took place in the Boat races, where some nearly capsized, a few went backwards, others went sideways, a few went nowhere as arms and legs struggled to reach the water, and some found a 4 cylinder, 200 horse-power outboard motor to mow down their opposition. And when it was all said and done, the Australian gold of the boys and girls from York defeated the Green Machines of Cygnet by a mere 10 points to claim their first Junior Primary Swimming Carnival victory.

York            645
Cygnet        635
Pirie            575
Rapid          525


Michael Fouyaxis – PE Coordinator 

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‘Year 6 Students use their creative powers to fight for change’

A huge congratulations to our Year 6 students who demonstrated their passion, understanding and a proactive approach to making a positive difference through their exhibits in Term 4. The PYP Exhibition was a culmination of 7 weeks of rigorous learning, where the Year 6 students have had the opportunity to inquire deeply into an area of their passion and choice connected to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. An evening where students were able to demonstrate part of the knowledge, skills and attitudes they have been developing throughout their time in PYP.
The staff and community were incredibly impressed with the collaborative group work, the depth of the inquiry and the evidence of critical, creative and reflective thinking that was displayed as part of the exhibits. The audience was in awe of the way the Year 6 students could articulate their learning with such confidence, skill and enthusiasm. There is no doubt that the Year 6 students have learnt so much from this experience and we are all so very proud of them.
Congratulations to the Immanuel staff and community who assisted in many different ways. This was an outstanding collaborative effort!

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Family Fun Day & Monster Garage Sale an Awesome Day!

The Family Fun Day and Monster Garage Sale was brilliant!  What a wonderful day for the large number of families in our school community who attended.  It was also fantastic to see many people from the wider community enjoying the event too. There was something for everyone.  For those who wanted a bargain, the Monster Garage Sale delivered.  For those who wanted something delicious to eat, there was food a plenty.  For those that wanted home made treats or something for the garden, they were spoilt for choice.  The children were entertained by games, animals, fire engines and even a ‘Ninja Run’.  It really was a fabulous day. Thank you to the many, many parents, staff and students who volunteered their time on the day and thank you to the many volunteers who helped out in the lead up to the event.

A fabulous event where our community came together to have fun and enjoy each other’s company, with the added bonus of raising much needed funds for the school.  We are thrilled to announce that the Family Fun Day and Monster Garage Sale raised a tremendous  $25,000, which will go towards the redeveloped Year 1/2 Primary Playspace.
Immanuel has an amazing community spirit and the Family Fun Day and Monster Garage Sale was a perfect example of this.

Monster Garage Sale and Family Fun Day

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