from the principal

Choosing a school for your child in the early years is challenging and even a little overwhelming. It is a decision that comes at a time when your child is yet to discover their interests and passions. It is a choice that should reflect and connect the values of your family, your community and your beliefs.

Everyone is someone at Immanuel. We don’t try to predict the type of person your child will become. We prefer to connect hearts and minds unlimited by boundaries. Caring for the well-being of our students and encouraging them to develop positive attitudes toward each other is achieved by offering them social, emotional and learning support.

Our students experience a diversity of meaningful action-based opportunities to connect with the world, coupled with nurturing support, as they explore the myriad of pathways presented by a dynamic, world class curriculum.

Immanuel is an innovative school that connects the strengths of spirituality and learning through a celebration of the gospel and an outstanding educational program. We recognise the values of tradition but keep our eye firmly on the future. Our school is one of hope and optimism as we strive to make caring a way of life for our students and community.

Rebecca Clements