May 2018

New Footy Guernseys

What a wonderful start to the IPS Football Season with wins to all 3 teams who played. We have awesome new jumpers kindly sponsored by Troy Klemm of
‘Klemm Homes’. The boys and our school community appreciate your generosity and aim to honour
the new “Doves” jumper!

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Check Mate – Chess Club

It has been fabulous to see so many enthusiastic young chess players at IPS!

Research has proven many benefits to playing chess, including the development of critical thinking, logic and problem solving skills.

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Artwork brightens school environment

As part of our art inquiry into Sharing the Planet last year the Year 1 students began making a fish sculpture and art work to be displayed around the school. We used recycled timber for the fish shapes. We then used house paint and Posca pens to decorate the fish. We chose fish because fish swim together in a school and at school we work together to learn and grow. Fish were also an important food source for the Kaurna people who are the first custodians of the land Immanuel is built on. Our work is inspired by Aboriginal artist/illustrator Bronwyn Bancroft.

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Redevelopment Commences

Builders (CookBuild) have commenced the next stage of our facilities redevelopment.   The architect Geof Nairn together with the builders have redeveloped a creative way of reconfiguring the current shell to achieve improved learning spaces.

  • Year 5/6 learning spaces which allow for improved collaboration and agility
  • New location for the Multipurpose Hall and parent gathering spaces, Before & After School Care
  • Extended space for the Visual Arts program
  • Different locations for the Learning Support Program
  • Enhanced storage space
  • A nature garden between Year 5 and 6 learning areas
  • Complete upgrade for the Japanese Learning Centre
  • New furniture throughout
  • Expanded Canteen

Robert Hoff – Principal

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Immanuel String Recital

Congratulations to all students who performed on Wednesday April 11 at Immanuel Strings Recital 2018, in the Immanuel College Chapel. A warm audience of family and friends attended the College Chapel.

String students from IPS in Years 2 – 6 performed in this delightful setting where musicianship, stage presence and behaviour were all of a very high calibre. It was wonderful to see and hear our students performing in such an accomplished musical style. Congratulations to the IPS Junior Strings and Senior String Ensembles.

Violinist – Eve Hooper Year 6, performed technically challenging left hand pizzicato, double stops with mature musicianship for her very first violin solo. Eve performed the ‘The Boy Paganini’ a grade four piece, with her accompanist, Miss Janice Purdie. A very musical performance, well done Eve!

Cathy Travaglione – Strings Coordinator


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Anzac Day – Lest We Forget

The picture below is our school banner to commemorate Anzac Day. It is the merging together of designs made by Year 5 students and decorated/painted by Year 3 students. Our banner shows the themes of service, sacrifice, remembrance, comradeship and veteran welfare.

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Celebrating Easter at Immanuel

One of the many blessings at this school has been the involvement of children in worship. For many years Year 6 students guided by their creative teachers have presented the Easter story so vividly and respectfully. We were delighted again this year to welcome so many parents, grandparents and friends of IPS to these special services.

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Rapid with a Historic Double ‘Swim Carnival and Sports Day’

Senior Primary Sports Day







Sports Day is one of the most notable events on the Immanuel school calendar.  Students enthusiasm, willingness to participate in order to receive points for their team, and their determination to go faster, jump higher, and throw further makes this a most memorable day.

Thank you to all involved in Sports Day this year, one of the very best!

Rapid:      1706

Cygnet:    1697

Pirie:        1598

York:        1459

Michael Fouyaxis  – PE Coordinator

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Year 6 Students Demonstrate Leadership and Service

What a wonderful example of how young children can make a difference to others in our community. The Year 6 students held a Cake Stall, outside the auditorium, at the recent State election. With much help from their parents – the bakers of the many different treats on offer- they were able to raise the significant amount of $1850 for the Childhood Cancer Association.

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Year 1 & 2 Number Sense Parent Workshop

How exciting to see so many parents engaged and having fun with Maths!  Developing a strong sense of number is a crucial part of children’s mathematical development. We explored how everyday situations, our own ‘Maths Mindset’ and playing various games can be used to support the ‘maths journey’ of our budding, young mathematicians.



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