October 2017

Family Fun Day & Monster Garage Sale an Awesome Day!

The Family Fun Day and Monster Garage Sale was brilliant!  What a wonderful day for the large number of families in our school community who attended.  It was also fantastic to see many people from the wider community enjoying the event too. There was something for everyone.  For those who wanted a bargain, the Monster Garage Sale delivered.  For those who wanted something delicious to eat, there was food a plenty.  For those that wanted home made treats or something for the garden, they were spoilt for choice.  The children were entertained by games, animals, fire engines and even a ‘Ninja Run’.  It really was a fabulous day. Thank you to the many, many parents, staff and students who volunteered their time on the day and thank you to the many volunteers who helped out in the lead up to the event.

A fabulous event where our community came together to have fun and enjoy each other’s company, with the added bonus of raising much needed funds for the school.  We are thrilled to announce that the Family Fun Day and Monster Garage Sale raised a tremendous  $25,000, which will go towards the redeveloped Year 1/2 Primary Playspace.
Immanuel has an amazing community spirit and the Family Fun Day and Monster Garage Sale was a perfect example of this.

Monster Garage Sale and Family Fun Day

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Year 1/2 playspace has commenced

The renovations to the Year 1/2 play space have commenced and it is already looking fabulous.  The play space is taking on more of a natural feel with lots of opportunities for the children to be creative in their play.  The space outside the classrooms is almost complete and features three different zones for the children to explore at play time.  As the classrooms have large sliding doors out to the playground, this play space can also be used as an extension of the classroom during learning times.
Thank you to the P & F Committee for your outstanding fund raising efforts towards this play space.
Only a few more weeks to wait!  Here is a sneak peak at the progress so far.


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